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hands-on craft activities at our holiday show

crafty supermarket craft show activities

We love buying handmade for the holidays, but we also love getting our hands dirty with some craft projects! The holiday Crafty Supermarket show has a couple options for hands-on crafting:

Broadhope Art Collective: The ladies of this crafty enclave that must moved from Cheviot to a new location in Westwood will be showing you how to make your own buttons.

Kiki Magazine: The folks from this rad magazine for teen girls will help you make earrings out of puzzle pieces and use steel conductive thread to make texting-friendly gloves. (They’ll have some knit gloves to sew on, but also feel free to bring your own favorite gloves to upgrade!)

Fold Me Up!: Local author Michelle Taute will have her new book on paper fortune tellers (aka cootie catchers) at the show, and she will show you how to make and fold your own.

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