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2016 Spring Sponsors

Much love to these handmade supporters:

Want to help support Crafty Supermarket?

Spring show sponsor deadline: April 15

To help our homegrown indie craft show exist and expand, we seek support from local and DIY-friendly businesses. Crafty Supermarket’s spring 2016 show will have 50 crafters, makers and artisans from the city and beyond. We’re expecting more than 2,000 shoppers — who love buying handmade, local and sustainable — and we’d like to connect you with them.

Our show programs (at least 1,000 will be printed) have information about our crafters, plus information and ads from sponsors. Sponsoring Crafty Supermarket includes a listing on our website and an ad in the program, plus opportunities to have materials in our swag bags and signage on site at the show. Contact us if you’re interested in sponsoring Crafty Supermarket!

We’ll be giving away 130 swag bags to the first lucky shoppers of the day and our trusty volunteers. If you’d like to contribute promo items for your local business or crafty enterprise, please contact us!

What makes for great swag? Ideally, the items should be fun while promoting your business! Some past swag items include buttons, product samples, mini prints, coupons, magnets and pencils. Please make sure your swag will stay in one piece and does not have any protruding pins — we build the swag bags by hand!

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