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Things to make and do at our big show!

At our big craft show this weekend, we’re going to have 130 vendors from around the country and great local food, but we also have some hands-on crafting opportunities with local arts organizations!

  • ArtWorks: This arts organization (celebrating its 21st birthday this week!) will have button-making and coloring books.
  • Cincinnati Art Museum: They’ll be selling memberships at the show — and tickets to the new Van Gogh exhibit will be in the 100 swag bags we give out at the beginning of the show!
  • Contemporary Arts Center: The education department of the CAC always surprises us with hands-on activities such as jaunty hats and giftable goodies!
  • Enjoy the Arts: They will be offering Pictures with Krampus, tying to their upcoming event with the Cincinnati Museum Center on Dec. 8, “A Krampus Carol.”
  • Ensemble Theater: Members of the character crew will be joining us at Crafty Supermarket!
  • Kneel to No One: Artists Jaimie Filer and Anthony Tank Mansfield are going to be creating two massive drawings throughout the day of the show, and they will raffle them off to lucky shoppers!
  • Main Library MakerSpace: These fantastic makers will be bringing a button maker and other crafty supplies!

Jaimie Filer and Anthony Tank Mansfield

craft demos, ahoy!

At our big holiday show — this Saturday!! — we’ve got some hands-on craft activities for makers young and old, and you can see some of our crafters do demos on TV this week!

  • Kiki Magazine: The people of this fab mag for tween girls will be offering free hands-on 10-minute sewing machine lessons to kids and adults from 1 to 4 p.m. to raise awareness for their upcoming Sew Much More crowdfunding campaign for a sewing club for underserved girls in the Cincinnati area. Sign up to reserve your session at the Kiki booth on the day of the show!
  • Craftologies: Have you ever wondered where all the monsters go after Halloween? The ladies of Craftologies, a crafty party center in Withamsville, will show you how to make a free felt monster wallet!

And! Tune in to FOX19 this week to see three of our vendors doing what they do live on the morning show! Here’s the lineup:

hands-on craft activities at our spring show

In addition to shopping with awesome makers at our show this Saturday, April 26, you can try your hand at making yourself!

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hands-on craft activities at our holiday show

We love buying handmade for the holidays, but we also love getting our hands dirty with some craft projects!. The holiday Crafty Supermarket show has a couple options for hands-on crafting.

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november art + craft events in cincinnati

If you only go to one art + design event in Cincinnati this month, you obvs have to come to Crafty Supermarket on Nov. 17 at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center! But if you need more art, craft and design activities for your calendar, read on...

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Screenprinting Demo at the Spring Show!

The Crafty Supermarket spring show is less than two weeks away, and the excitement is totally palpable. One new thing we’re doing this time around is hosting a live screenprinting demo by the good folks of DIY Printing! Little kids and big kids alike can try their hands at “pulling a print” between 3 and 6 p.m. the day of the show, Saturday, May 7. Bring a T-shirt to print on, or use some of our paper to make a print from one of the pre-made screens.

Not sure what the heck we’re talking about? Screenprinting is a versatile printing medium that’s both accurate and tactile. Have you seen any of the Crafty Supermarket posters (like our latest, printed by Southpaw)? Those are screenprinted! If you’ve got a little one who’s interested in learning how screenprinting works, make sure to come to the show in the afternoon. The demo area will be on the right when you enter the main hall of the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, right across from the welcome table.