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meet our holiday show food vendors!

You know we bring it when it comes to crafts — but we can’t ignore the awesome food vendors we’ll have outside at the Crafty Supermarket holiday show Saturday!

  • Authentic Waffle: The best waffles you’ve ever eaten, basically. And, new to us this year: crepes!
  • Cafe de Wheels: As seen above — a kick-ass burger truck. Lotsa options, lotsa tastiness.
  • Fireside Pizza: A brick pizza oven on wheels? You are not dreaming — this is real. Real delicious.
  • La Terza: Just the finest coffee and espresso around to warm you up on what’ll likely be a chilly day! (This dude will be inside the CCAC.)
  • Sweet Peace Bakery: It’s a VW van converted into a tasty vegan baked good delivery system.
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