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great eats at our spring craft show

Getting crafty can really work up an appetite! Lucky for you, we’ve got great local food vendors who are going to be with us for our spring craft show at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center in Cincinnati on Saturday, May 7! Here are all the things you can eat:


Dojo Gelato: Delicious gelato in limited edition flavors! They’re now expanding from their home in Findlay Market to Northside!

Fireside Pizza Wagon: We loved their brick oven pizza even before they opened their great restaurant in Walnut Hills! They’re firing up the mobile oven for us on May 7.


La Terza Artisan Coffee Roasterie: Excellent espresso and coffee drinks to help keep your energy up!



Macaron Bar: Colorful almond cookies in flavors you wouldn’t believe! This shop started in OTR and now has outposts in Hyde Park, Kenwood and Loveland!



Quite Frankly: Hot dog! This mobile food vendor specializes in tasty meats. 



Street Chef Brigade: Street food with an attitude! The menu changes daily, but you can count on it to be hearty and comforting!

RSVP for our spring show on Facebook here, and invite all your friends!

awesome eats at our holiday craft show

Shopping can really work up an appetite, so we are bringing in a bunch of great food vendors to our big holiday show on Nov. 28! We've got sweet and savory, familiar favorites and new eats! Plus, the bar at the Music Hall Ballroom will be open all day so you can grab a mimosa or a locally brewed beer or a soda!

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snack time!

Our big craft show on Nov. 23 will have nearly 90 crafters selling their wares, so it's likely that you'll work up an appetite. No worries, because we've also got great food vendors inside and outside!

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hungry? check out our food vendors

When shopping for awesome handmade goods, you sure can work up an appetite! Luckily, we’ve got eight awesome local food vendors at our holiday craft show on Nov. 17 to keep you well-fed:

  • Cafe De Wheels: Made-to-order burgers and sandwiches!
  • Dojo Gelato: Handmade Italian-style gelato in surprising flavors!
  • Fireside Pizza: Fresh-out-of-the-mobile-brick-oven pizza!
  • La Terza Coffee: Fresh coffee and espresso from our main caffeine man, Chuck
  • Melt: Choice selections from everyone’s favorite Northside deli!
  • Sweet Peace Bakery: Tasty vegan baked goods made with love and served out of a VW van!
  • Tacocracy: Killer tacos from this new Northside favorite
  • Taste of Belgium: Piping hot authentic Belgian waffles!

PS: Did you RSVP for the show on Facebook yet? Be sure to add it to your calendar and invite all your crafty friends!

delicious food vendors at the spring show!

You know we bring it when it comes to crafts — but we’re also going to have awesome food vendors inside and outside Crafty Supermarket’s spring show Saturday:

  • Dojo Gelato: Handcrafted Italian-style ice cream and sorbetto!
  • Fireside Pizza + Melt: A brick pizza oven on wheels plus eats from everybody’s favorite Northside deli!
  • La Terza: The finest coffee and espresso around!
  • Sweet Peace Bakery: A VW van converted into a tasty vegan baked good delivery system.
  • Tacocracy: A new Northside-based taco adventure!
  • Taste of Belgium: The best waffles you’ve ever eaten, basically. Plus crepes!

meet our holiday show food vendors!

You know we bring it when it comes to crafts — but we can’t ignore the awesome food vendors we’ll have outside at the Crafty Supermarket holiday show Saturday!

  • Authentic Waffle: The best waffles you’ve ever eaten, basically. And, new to us this year: crepes!
  • Cafe de Wheels: As seen above — a kick-ass burger truck. Lotsa options, lotsa tastiness.
  • Fireside Pizza: A brick pizza oven on wheels? You are not dreaming — this is real. Real delicious.
  • La Terza: Just the finest coffee and espresso around to warm you up on what’ll likely be a chilly day! (This dude will be inside the CCAC.)
  • Sweet Peace Bakery: It’s a VW van converted into a tasty vegan baked good delivery system.