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great eats at our spring craft show

Getting crafty can really work up an appetite! Lucky for you, we’ve got great local food vendors who are going to be with us for our spring craft show at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center in Cincinnati on Saturday, May 7! Here are all the things you can eat:


Dojo Gelato: Delicious gelato in limited edition flavors! They’re now expanding from their home in Findlay Market to Northside!

Fireside Pizza Wagon: We loved their brick oven pizza even before they opened their great restaurant in Walnut Hills! They’re firing up the mobile oven for us on May 7.


La Terza Artisan Coffee Roasterie: Excellent espresso and coffee drinks to help keep your energy up!



Macaron Bar: Colorful almond cookies in flavors you wouldn’t believe! This shop started in OTR and now has outposts in Hyde Park, Kenwood and Loveland!



Quite Frankly: Hot dog! This mobile food vendor specializes in tasty meats. 



Street Chef Brigade: Street food with an attitude! The menu changes daily, but you can count on it to be hearty and comforting!

RSVP for our spring show on Facebook here, and invite all your friends!

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