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calling all crafters!

Applications are now open for Crafty Supermarket’s holiday show! It’ll be at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center in Cincinnati on Saturday, Nov. 20, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The table fee is $65 for the day. We’ll provide 8-foot tables and two chairs. If you want to share the table with a friend, include information for both of you in the form, and we’ll judge you as a group.

The deadline to apply is Sept. 15, 2010. We’ll notify you whether you’re accepted by Sept. 25. When you’re accepted, you’ll have until Oct. 1 to pay the $65 table fee. If you don’t submit the table fee by Oct. 1, we’ll offer the space to another crafter.

Click here to apply! Applications are now closed.


What kind of crafters are you looking for?

Unconventional crafters, artist-poets, upcycling freaks, hipster types, cutesy makers, punk artists, do-it-yourselfers, bike-cozy crocheters — all y’all are welcome. The most important thing is that you’re selling things you made yourself!

Can I share a table with a friend?

Sure! Just mark that box in the application and include that person’s info. No more than two craft businesses to a table, though!

I sell Avon/OxyClean/other manufactured stuff — can I be in the show?

Nope, sorry. We only deal in the handmade.

Does every crafter who applies get into the show?

Because we receive so many applications, we can only accept a small percentage of people to be vendors. We consider a lot of things in the judging process: price range, quality of work, overall style, and how many vendors are selling similar objects. We can’t offer feedback on whether your crafts will be accepted — check out our last show’s crafter list to get an idea of what kind of stuff we like!

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  1. Hooray! You guys have done an amazing job organizing this the past few shows! So much fun, and the people I meet when vending are magical, Thanks SO much for bringing a little bit of crafty adventure to Cinci!

    Cheers to another show*

    August 2, 2010

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