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swag bag sneak peek

swag bag example

The first shoppers of the day will get one of our 100 swag bags, which are just brimming with awesome stuff! The picture above is a random bag — contents will vary and might be even more awesome. Some of the things you might find in our swag bags are:

  • a guest pass to the Taft Museum
  • a beautiful screenprint from VisuaLingual
  • a coupon for Taste of Belgium
  • a coupon for
  • buttons, magnets, little crayons
  • a ceramic brooch from Red Raven Studios
  • samples of craft mesh
  • craft scissors or a hole punch
  • and more!

Get to the show early to make sure you get a swag bag! Last year, people started lining up at 10 freaking 30, which might be a little crazy, but that’s OK because we’re a little crazy too. :)

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