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Posts tagged ‘crafts’

january art, craft + design events in cincinnati

This time of year is pretty quiet as far as craft shows go, but there are still creative things to do in Cincinnati this month!

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july art, craft + design events

Summer's heating up in the Queen City! If you're looking for artsy craftsy things to do in Cincinnati in July, we have got you covered.

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june art, craft + design events

Cincinnati's summer arts and crafts season is looking great — we've got local art shows, plus lots of hands-on DIY activities in our monthly list of crafty things to do in the Queen City.

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crafter spotlight: creatures + collectives

Our spring craft show on April 27 includes these makers of creatures and crafty collectives.

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vendor roundup: home decor

This is the first of a bunch of vendor roundups for our April 17 show! Today the spotlight shines on folks who make stuff to beautify your living space:

Cynthia Vardhan Ceramics of Columbus

Tafi of Cincinnati

SaysYou of Frankfort, KY

Kitsch Café of Cincinnati

See:Parsley of Cincinnati

VisuaLingual of Cincinnati

These folks and many more will be at Crafty Supermarket on April 17, so be sure to check it out, and watch this blog to see more from our vendors!