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crafty spotlight: visualingual


VisuaLingual is a small design and print studio located in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati. Our practice is based on a passion for multidisciplinary theory and research, which we translate to visual language inscribed onto paper, screen, and the environment. We visualize aspects of places through self-authored and commission based work. By keeping our operation compact and flexible, we are able to deeply explore the idiosyncrasies of hyper-localized cultural production, focusing on Cincinnati and beyond.

Born in Gdynia, Poland and raised in Gdynia and Brooklyn, Maya Drozdz received her BA in Philosophy+Critical Theory from Cornell University and her MFA in 2D Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Her interests center on graphic design theory, particularly its intersection with popular culture and the urban environment. Her professional experience includes identity, print, interaction, and environmental design, as well as teaching, lecturing, writing, and curating worldwide design exhibits.

Michael Stout was born and raised in Indianapolis. He received his BFA in Visual Communication from the Herron School of Art and Design and his MCP from the University of Cincinnati. Michael’s interests include urban geography, cartography, architecture, urban design, and typography. His professional experience incorporates these interests into print, identity, fashion, environmental, and experimental design projects for exhibits and publications.

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