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2014 spring + summer craft shows

This year will be plenty crafty: Here's our semiannual list of indie craft shows happening in the Midwest!

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2013 fall + holiday craft shows

Handmade ahoy! Looking for craft shows to do for the fall 2013 season? Here are all the upcoming fall and holiday craft shows we know about.

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local arts fairs seek vendors

A few opportunities for artisans in the Cincinnati area have popped up on our radar recently. Festival-type events coming up in Northside, Clifton and Downtown Cincinnati are all looking for crafters and artists to sell their work.

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2013 spring + summer craft shows

Thinking about taking a little crafty road trip? Here's a roundup of all the local events and major indie craft shows in the Eastern US this spring and summer. And if you're a maker, many of these shows are taking applications for handmade vendors.

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ohio craft show love!

ohio craft shows, november 2012

This Saturday, Nov. 17, is going to be extra crafty, because not only is it Crafty Supermarket day, Columbus is also having its big craft show that day. Craftin’ Outlaws usually happens in October, but because of scheduling it falls on the same day as Crafty Supermarket this year. We know some of our crafty fans like to go to both shows, so we have a challenge for the adventurous:

Shop at both Crafty Supermarket and Craftin’ Outlaws on Nov. 17!

Take a picture of yourself at each show as photographic proof, and present the pictures to the organizers at your last show, and you’ll get a super swag bag for your efforts! The shows are about 2 hours apart (links to directions below), which is totally doable for a fall road trip.

Craftin’ Outlaws is at The Gateway Film Center in Columbus, Ohio. General admission is free, and doors are open 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. This “alternative craft fair” was started in 2005 for DIYers to sell their hip handmade wares to people looking for one-of-a-kind gifts. It’s one of the longest-running indie craft shows in the Midwest! Check out the vendor list here.

Crafty Supermarket is at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center in Cincinnati. Admission is free, and doors are open 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Founded in 2009, Crafty Supermarket is an indie craft show of metropolitan proportions that showcases crafters, artists and makers from all over North America and draws shoppers from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky. Check out the vendor list here.

Going north? Directions from Crafty Supermarket to Craftin’ Outlaws:

Going south? Directions from Craftin’ Outlaws to Crafty Supermarket:

indie craft shows of the midwest: holiday 2012

October, November and December are our favorite months of the year because it's craft show season! The Midwest has tons of great indie craft shows coming up this fall and pre-Christmas. Many of the shows are accepting applications now, if you're interested in selling!

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so much crafty stuff going on this weekend

Looking for something to do in Cincinnati this weekend? There are so many great crafty activities going on August 11 and 12!

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Upcoming Cincinnati Area Craft Shows + Fairs

Craft show season is starting to heat up! Applications for the next Crafty Supermarket (on Nov. 17, 2012!) will be open from July 15-Sept. 1, but in the meantime check out these other Cincinnati-area craft show opportunities.

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