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get involved with our spring craft show!

Crafty Supermarket is a magical event: Dozens of handmade vendors come from just a few minutes away or a few states away to show their best work to thousands of shoppers. To help us make the craft show the best it can be, we enlist volunteers and work with sponsors — and here’s how you can get involved:


At our spring show on April 25 at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, we have a couple of opportunities for people to help out. (And when you assist us for a couple hours, you’ll get one of our famous swag bags!) Volunteers can choose to do any of the following things: help shoppers know where everything is, assist vendors who need a break, help load in at the beginning of the day or clean up at the end of the day. You can learn more and submit your info here. We’ll get back to you a few weeks before the show with the schedule. (Note that we sometimes get more volunteer applications than we can take, but we’ll get back to you either way!)


We work with all kinds of local organizations who love handmade and want to help spread the word. From arts nonprofits and landmark institutions to DIY shops and enterprises, if you support the maker movement, we’d love to work with you! Learn more about partnership opportunities here and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have an idea of how we can work together!

crafty supermarket seeks volunteers!

If you've got two spare hours to help us out, we'll save you one of our famous swag bags full of crafty samples, coupons and freebies. (And you might even get a bear hug.)

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seeking volunteers for the holiday show!

Thanks to everybody who applied to be a vendor at our holiday 2011 show! Applications are closed, and we will send out e-mail notifications to everyone by Sept. 25.

If you’re a shopper or craft fan looking for a way to help Crafty Supermarket out, we have a number of volunteer spots open for the day of the show and the night before! Being a volunteer is awesome: Not only do you get good craft karma, you get one of our prized swag bags!

Read more about what being a volunteer entails and sign up in our form here! (We can’t offer everyone who signs up to be a volunteer a spot, but we’ll get back to you with volunteer assignments by early November.)

Seeking volunteers!

Wanna earn some craft karma? Crafty Supermarket’s success is due in no small part to the awesome folks who help us out. We’re looking for volunteers who are available for a two-hour shift on the day of the show—in exchange, you’re guaranteed one of our fab swag bags that people line up all morning for!

There are a number of different things our volunteers do:

  • Greeters pass out swag bags first thing in the morning and give out show programs throughout the day.
  • Vendor relievers walk around the show and help any vendors who need a break.
  • Some volunteers will work outside, helping visitors find their way to parking, the food and the show itself.
  • Load-in helpers are needed in the early morning to assist vendors as they bring in their displays.
  • Clean-up helpers are needed as the show ends to help stack tables and sweep up.

And we promise you’ll still have time to shop. Fill out our handy dandy form, and we’ll get back to you in the weeks before the show happens. Click here to send in your info to be a volunteer! We’re all booked up with volunteers as of 4/23!