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Small Business Saturday Shopping Guide

This weekend kicks off the holiday shopping season. We know you are DYING to shop at Crafty Supermarket’s holiday market on December 2 at Music Hall but also might have a few things you want to mark off your list this weekend. An investment in your local community is more likely to stay in your local community than if you spend it in a big box store or even online from the comfort of your own home. There are some great shops around our beautiful city that will treat you right and help you find what you are looking for. Here’s our guide! Start by waking up at a respectable hour and proceed down the list.

Redtree Art Gallery and Coffee Shop

First start your morning at Redtree Gallery and Coffee Shop in Oakley, you can get your coffee fix and check out local handmade items while you do it. Relax and enjoy yourself! Ask the staff there for other shop recommendations around there. There are tons to chose from.

Tara Heilman owner of Robot Inside

Swing up to Robot Inside. Tara the owner is the nicest person ever and she offers handmade goods plus you can sign up for classes while you are at it!

Silk Road Textile

Now it’s time to stock up on supplies so you can start making yourself!  Head to Silk Road Textiles in College Hill. They have the yummiest yarn and fabric selection and you can  sign up for classes. If you need more caffeine you can refuel at College Hill Coffee. You can also stop by Fern to grab some plants to keep your house feeling alive as we head into winter.


Next you’re going to head down the hill  into Northside. In route you are going to stop off at Nvision. She offers an impressively curated collection of vintage clothing and furniture. Forget the midcentury modern remakes that are everywhere right now, she has the REAL DEAL! She also has a small selection of handmade goods too and regular art openings.

Shake It Records

It’s time  to head to Shake It Records, if you need more vintage, you can also stop at Chicken Lays and Egg on your way. Shake It is famous for their record collection but they also have an amazing book, card and gift section. As you head in, admire the handprinted store front sign as you walk in. It’s sweet!

The Hoop and Needle

Next make your way up to the Chocolate Bee where you can buy beautiful chocolate gifts made by Chocolats Latour and beeswax goods made by Bee Haven Honey.  A few doors down you’ll find The Hoop & Needle, they offer an amazing assortment of stitching supplies.  Their store front is also the BEST. If you need more vintage before you leave Northside, Casablanca has you covered!

Dojo Gelato

Ok, now it’s time to head downtown. Stop by Findlay Market for lunch at Eli’s BBQ and grab a treat from Dojo Gelato. They are a magical pair. Be sure to wander through the market before you head down to Mica 12/v. I’d like to live inside this shop. It is so well curated and just perfectly arranged. You can find a gift for every person on your list here.

Lucca Laser Workshop

Then you’ll walk a few blocks to Main Street, grab a snack at Macaron Bar before you hit Lucca Laser Workshop and Indigo Hippo! Lucca has amazing custom options as well as ready to buy pieces. Indigo Hippo offers repurposed supplies and they have a great show hanging right now featuring local artists!

Handzy Shop and Studio

Now it’s time to head over to Covington, yes technically you aren’t in Cincinnati anymore BUT this place is worth the trip away from home, Handzy is an awesome little retail shop and design studio offering a variety of handmade items. It’s all run by two BFFs. Tell them we said HI!

Manitou Candle

Last of all you need something for yourself so you can go home and relax. Head east to Manitou Candle Co., they have every scent you’ll ever want! Perfect gift for those people you love who have everything or it’s the perfect touch to make your house all cozy as you put up for feet for the night. They are also super nice peeps.

What an exhausting day! This list is absolutely not complete, we actually started out with a goal to list ten businesses but got carried away. There are tons of other local businesses to support in our awesome city of entrepreneurs and makers. Get out there but make sure you save some funds for Crafty Supermarket on December 2 at Music Hall y’all! You’ll find many of these business there and much more.






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