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Holiday 2017 Food Vendors!!!

Everyone knows it’s not wise to shop on an empty stomach. There are a lot of talented makers to see so you need your energy! We have all of your meals covered including lunch, second lunch, third lunch and dessert. Here’s our delicious food vendor line up for December 2nd at Music Hall:

Dojo Gelato our friend from the beginning! It’s not a Crafty Supermarket with out a sweet treat from our friends at Dojo! If you missed the summer season at their new Northside location, don’t worry, they’ll be serving at Crafty Supermarket all day!

Eli’s BBQ will be vending our show for the first time with a limited but delicious menu. If you have’t had Eli’s we are very sorry for you, what have you been doing! We are here to fix that! Come hungry people.

Fireside Pizza  is back to fill all of your pizza fantasies. It’s fast, it’s good, it’s just the fuel you need to spend all of your money shopping.

La Terza Coffee brings you fresh and hot coffee and lets you take some home with you to brew later! Don’t forget about your caffeine loving friends, this coffee makes a great gift too!

Macaron Bar is the edible version of Crafty Supermarket perfectly packaged for you to take home and enjoy later. You could buy them for a friend but you’ll probably end up eating them. It’s okay. Judgement free zone.

Quite Frankly HOTDOGS! For real, their menu is delicious and features sandwiches and hotdogs. Something for everyone on this menu!

Tin Man Grill New vendor alert! We are excited to welcome this new vendor to the show. Their set up is super cool! Visit their website to read about how they got started and to drool over their food. Make your shopping list AND your menu people!



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