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crafter sneak peek: papers + prints

When it comes to books, cards, prints or posters, Crafty Supermarket’s Spring Show has you covered:

Cordial Kitten
Indianapolis, IN

The Diggingest Girl
Covington, KY

gracie sparkles books
Cincinnati, OH

Indianapolis, IN

Not Too Pink
Chicago, IL

Cincinnati, OH

Paper Acorn
Cincinnati, OH

Perfect Laughter
Detroit, MI

Sadly Harmless
Bloomington, IN

Screen Queen
Cincinnati, OH

Sloe Gin Fizz
Ann Arbor, MI

Cincinnati, OH

Screenprinting Demo at the Spring Show!

The Crafty Supermarket spring show is less than two weeks away, and the excitement is totally palpable. One new thing we’re doing this time around is hosting a live screenprinting demo by the good folks of DIY Printing! Little kids and big kids alike can try their hands at “pulling a print” between 3 and 6 p.m. the day of the show, Saturday, May 7. Bring a T-shirt to print on, or use some of our paper to make a print from one of the pre-made screens.

Not sure what the heck we’re talking about? Screenprinting is a versatile printing medium that’s both accurate and tactile. Have you seen any of the Crafty Supermarket posters (like our latest, printed by Southpaw)? Those are screenprinted! If you’ve got a little one who’s interested in learning how screenprinting works, make sure to come to the show in the afternoon. The demo area will be on the right when you enter the main hall of the Clifton Cultural Arts Center, right across from the welcome table.