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send in your swag!

We’ll be giving away 125 swag bags to the first lucky shoppers of the day and our trusty volunteers. Contributing swag is a great way to show off your shop, services or event to a crowd that’s really hip. (As is sponsoring Crafty Supermarket, by the way.) If you’d like to contribute promo items for your local business or crafty enterprise, please send 125 pieces by May 1 to:

attn: Crafty Supermarket
4037 Hamilton Ave.
Cincinnati, OH 45223

Our previous swag bags have included coupons for local businesses, stickers from Buy Olympia, ceramic brooches, crafty magazines, scrapbooking materials, fabric, buttons, postcards and more! People line up hours ahead of the show to get a swag bag—they are that good.

Note: No pornographic, racist, sexist or vulgar materials will be used in the swag bags, and we reserve the right to refuse any materials. Keep it friendly!

spread the word!

You may have seen our little fliers around Cincinnati announcing the holiday show on Nov. 20. If you want to help spread the word, we’ve created PDF files of the fliers that you can print out and put wherever you want! (We especially appreciate our fans from further afield who want to spread the word to places we can’t get to.) Click the links below to download the files:

You know our awesome official show posters? The ones we silkscreen by hand before each show? Yeah, those are coming soon. :)

wanna get in our swag bags?

The first 50 shoppers at Crafty Supermarket (and our esteemed vendors) will get swag bags full of goodies! If you want to promote your craft business, project or local store, you can send in promotional items or samples to be included in the bags. These can be postcards, business cards, stickers, coupons, flyers, samples or anything else you dream up that’s smaller than a breadbox.

Send in up to 75 (we prefer at least 50) of your item by Nov. 10, and we’ll put it in the swag bags for the lucky shoppers to see! You can mail your stuff to:

Grace Dobush
The Artist’s Magazine
4700 E. Galbraith Road
Cincinnati, OH 45220

Because this is a family-friendly event, we ask that your promo items have no profanity or nudity.