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more info about our etsy craft party

All your crafty friends will be at Fabricate in Northside on Friday, Aug. 24! Crafty Supermarket is putting on a free craft party in conjunction with Etsy's World Craft Party for all friends of craft. Here's some more details about what'll be going down.

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Book release party!

So, aside from having loads of great indie crafters at Crafty Supermarket, you should know this shindig is also going to be a book release party. Oh yes—an indie craft book release party.

About two years ago I started working on what became Crafty Superstar: Turn Your Crafts into Extra Cash, Keep Your Day Job, and Basically Have It All. It’s finally being released in November… just in time for Crafty Supermarket!

To be honest, the whole idea for the market started as a party for the book. Then I thought, Wait, wouldn’t it be utterly rad to have crafters at the party? Then I had to go back to my book files and printed out the pages about organizing an indie craft show. I am testing my advice!

I spent about a year interviewing indie craft movers and shakers for this book, talking about taxes and legal stuff, self-promotion, production and how to find balance when crafting is just one of your many jobs. I’ve got great advice from crafty types including Jenny Hart, Grace Bonney, Susie Ghahremani, Cinnamon Cooper, Jessica Manack, Jenny Harada and many more!

Crafty Superstar is already on Amazon, but I suggest you get a copy in person at the show. If you can’t make it, watch for ordering info on the website—I’ll mail it myself, sign it to you (or whoever) and even throw in some extra goodies.