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crafter sneak peek: accessories

Whoa, dudes, the Crafty Supermarket holiday show is less than two weeks away! (You can add it to your Facebook calendar here, and be sure to invite all your friends!)

To help you prepare your shopping list, over the next two weeks, we’ll be highlighting vendors who’ll be at the show. Let’s start the party with accessories!

Busty’s Fun Bags
Indianapolis, IN

Felix & Jayne
Cincinnati, OH

Off The Beaten Path
Dayton, OH

Owlette Collective
Cookeville, TN

Torn Angel (as seen on Regretsy!)
Columbus, OH

Umbrella Girl Productions
Columbus, OH

get noticed in our swag bags!

We’ll be giving away 100 swag bags to the first lucky shoppers of the day (and our loyal volunteers). If you’d like to contribute promotional material for your local business or crafty business, please send 100 pieces to us by April 1 WEDNESDAY APRIL 14 at:

Crafty Supermarket c/o Fabricate, 4012 Hamilton Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45223.

Last year, the swag bags included things like postcards from Chronicle Books, stickers from Buy Olympia, yarn samples from misshawklet, scrapbooking materials, glitter samples, buttons, business cards, coupons and more!

Note: No pornographic, racist, sexist or vulgar materials will be used in the swag bags. We reserve the right to refuse any materials. Keep it friendly!