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crafter sneak peek: papers + prints

When it comes to books, cards, prints or posters, Crafty Supermarket’s Spring Show has you covered:

Cordial Kitten
Indianapolis, IN

The Diggingest Girl
Covington, KY

gracie sparkles books
Cincinnati, OH

Indianapolis, IN

Not Too Pink
Chicago, IL

Cincinnati, OH

Paper Acorn
Cincinnati, OH

Perfect Laughter
Detroit, MI

Sadly Harmless
Bloomington, IN

Screen Queen
Cincinnati, OH

Sloe Gin Fizz
Ann Arbor, MI

Cincinnati, OH

vendor roundup: paper goods

Paper addicts will have plenty of vendors to fawn over at Crafty Supermarket! Cards, books, journals, decorations and ephemera — we’ve got it all.

gracie sparkles books of Cincinnati

Lady Bear Crafts of Lebanon, OH

Paper Acorn of Cincinnati

Spacedog Studios of Columbus

Tracy Makanani of Cincinnati